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Music Distribution

Who Is iMusica?

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Georgia Carter


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iMusica is a Brazilian digital content aggregator that specializes in distributing Brazilian music to major streaming platforms. Such as; iTunes, Spotify, and Deezer. Founded in 2003, iMusica has become a leading player in the Brazilian music industry. It serves as a bridge between independent artists and major streaming services. iMusica provides digital content for music service companies. Let’s explore this digital content distributor in more detail. 


Who Are iMusica? 

iMusica’s platform allows artists to upload their music and manage their digital distribution across multiple platforms. The company offers a range of services to help artists promote their music, including marketing and playlist placement. 

iMusica uses the technology jQuery, according to G2 Stack.

iMusica is actively using 3 technologies for its website, according to BuiltWith. These include Amazon, Amazon Virginia Region, and Amazon Route 53.

They are based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and there are between 51-100 employees. 

iMusica is the pioneer that has been operating since 2000. 

The company has a large catalog of more than 18 million licensed tracks. They are from all leading domestic and international content providers. These include the majors Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music. In addition, as agreements with all major copyright organizations in Brazil and in the Latin American market.

Through a partnership with America Movil, it distributes digital content for mobile phones in 17 countries in Latin America. It reaches 300 million users (streaming subscriptions & downloads).

iMusica is the music platform for Coca-Cola in the Region providing the back-end and infra structure for cocacolaFM.

Data Analytics

iMusica also provides data analytics to help artists track their performance on streaming platforms. So they can make informed decisions about their marketing strategy. One of iMusica’s key strengths is its deep understanding of the Brazilian music market. 

iMusica Partnerships 

The company has developed strong relationships with major Brazilian record labels, publishers, and collecting societies. This allows them to offer comprehensive coverage of the Brazilian music scene. This has helped iMusica attract a wide range of clients, from independent artists to major record labels.

In recent years, iMusica has expanded its reach beyond Brazil. They have partnered with international distributors to bring Brazilian music to audiences around the world. The company has also invested in new technologies. For example, blockchain-based solutions for music rights management. Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving digital music landscape.

Pros & Cons Of iMusica 


Pros – iMusica

Offers a wide variety of music genres and artists

Allows users to download and stream music

Provides personalized recommendations based on user’s listening history

Offers a feature for creating and sharing playlists

Has a user-friendly interface

Cons – iMusica

Limited availability in certain countries

Ad-supported free version can be disruptive to user experience

Some users have reported technical issues with the app

Does not offer a lyrics feature

Premium subscription is relatively expensive compared to other music streaming services

iMusica – Other Music Distributing Platforms

Of course, there are other music distributing platforms, just like iMusica. So we thought we would share them with you now. 

Some other popular music distributing platforms include:

Digital content aggregators in the music industry help distribute and monetize music content across various digital channels and streaming services. They allow artists and labels to reach a wider audience and generate revenue from their music. They typically handle tasks such as content distribution, licensing, royalty collection, and reporting. Other examples of digital content aggregators in the music industry include TuneCore, DistroKid, and CD Baby.


This is an online music distribution service that allows independent artists to distribute their music to major digital music stores. For example such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. TuneCore offers a variety of services including music distribution, publishing administration, and artist support. Artists can upload their music to TuneCore. And then the service will handle the distribution and collection of royalties on their behalf. TuneCore also provides tools and resources to help artists promote their music and build their careers. The service operates on a subscription model, with artists paying a yearly fee to use the service. Overall, TuneCore is a popular choice for independent musicians looking to get their music heard on a global scale.


DistroKid is a digital music distribution service that allows independent musicians and record labels to distribute their music to various online music stores and streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more. 

It was founded in 2013 and has since grown to become one of the most popular distribution services in the music industry. DistroKid offers a simple and affordable pricing model, with a flat fee per year that allows users to upload unlimited music releases. 

They also offer various features and tools to help artists promote their music, such as customizable release pages, social media integrations, and detailed analytics. 

In addition, DistroKid offers a service called “Teams” that allows multiple users to collaborate on a single account, making it easier for bands and record labels to manage their music distribution. Overall, DistroKid provides an accessible and user-friendly platform for independent musicians and record labels to distribute and promote their music online.

CD Baby

CD Baby is an online music distribution platform that allows independent musicians and labels to sell and distribute their music to a global audience. Founded in 1998, CD Baby has become one of the largest distributors of independent music, with over 9 million tracks from over 650,000 artists. In addition to distribution, CD Baby offers a range of services to help artists promote and monetize their music, such as customizable artist websites, music licensing opportunities, and physical distribution of CDs and vinyl.

CD Baby also provides detailed sales and streaming reports to help artists track their revenue and audience engagement.CD Baby operates on a commission-based model, taking a percentage of sales and streaming revenue generated through their platform. They also offer a range of pricing plans to fit the needs of different types of artists, from those just starting out to established musicians with a large catalog of music.Overall, CD Baby provides a valuable platform for independent musicians to reach a wider audience and monetize their music, while retaining control over their creative output.

Ditto Music

Ditto Music is a digital distribution and record label services company that helps independent musicians and labels distribute their music to major online stores and streaming services worldwide. Founded in 2005, Ditto Music offers a range of services including music distribution, promotion, royalty collection, and label services. With offices in Liverpool, Nashville, Melbourne, and London, Ditto Music has helped over 250,000 artists and labels distribute their music to over 200 streaming services and stores, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Google Play. They offer a range of pricing plans, including a one-time fee for distribution and a subscription-based service for ongoing support and promotion. Additionally, Ditto Music provides artists with access to tools and resources to help them grow their fanbase and increase their revenue.


This is an independent music distribution and artist services company that provides a range of services to help independent artists and labels distribute, promote, and monetize their music. AWAL offers distribution to major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, as well as marketing and promotional services, fan engagement tools, and data analytics to help artists and labels make informed decisions about their careers. AWAL operates on a revenue-share model, allowing artists and labels to keep ownership of their music while earning a percentage of the revenue generated from their streams and sales. The company has a global presence, with offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Sydney, and has worked with artists such as Lauv, Rex Orange County, and Tom Misch.

iMusica – What Is The Music Industry Like In Brazil?

The music industry in Brazil is diverse and vibrant, with a rich history and a wide range of genres including samba, bossa nova, MPB, funk, and more recently, Brazilian hip hop and electronic music. It is a significant contributor to the country’s cultural and economic landscape.

Some of the leading music artists in Brazil include Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Ivete Sangalo, Anitta, and Gusttavo Lima, among others.

Gilberto Gil

Gilberto Gil is a highly influential Brazilian musician, singer, and songwriter. He is known for his diverse musical style that blends traditional Brazilian rhythms with elements of rock, reggae, and jazz. Gil is also a political activist and former Minister of Culture in Brazil. He has won numerous awards for his contributions to music and culture, including multiple Grammy Awards.

Caetano Veloso

Caetano Veloso is a highly influential Brazilian musician, singer, and songwriter known for his innovative blending of traditional Brazilian music with rock, pop, and other genres. He emerged as a key figure in the Tropicalia movement of the late 1960s, which sought to challenge Brazil’s political and cultural status quo through music and art. Veloso’s music often explores themes of love, identity, and social justice, and he has been recognized as one of the most important and influential artists in Brazilian music history.

Marisa Monte

Marisa Monte is a renowned Brazilian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist known for her eclectic musical style that blends elements of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), samba, jazz, and rock. With a career spanning over three decades, Monte has released numerous critically acclaimed albums and collaborated with many prominent artists in the Brazilian music scene. She is also recognized for her socially conscious lyrics and advocacy for environmental causes.

Ivete Sangalo

Ivete Sangalo is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and actress known for her energetic performances and powerful vocals. She has released multiple albums and won numerous awards, including a Latin Grammy. Sangalo is also recognized for her philanthropic work and advocacy for social and environmental causes.


Anitta is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer known for her unique blend of funk carioca, reggaeton, and pop music. She has become one of the most successful and influential artists in Brazil and has gained international recognition with collaborations with major artists such as Madonna, Snoop Dogg, and Cardi B. Anitta is also known for her advocacy work on social and political issues in Brazil, including LGBTQ+ rights and environmental conservation.

Gusttavo Lima

Gusttavo Lima is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and musician known for his blend of sertanejo and arrocha music styles. He has released several successful albums and singles, including “Balada,” “Homem de Família,” and “Apelido Carinhoso.” Lima is also known for his energetic live performances and has won numerous awards for his music.

Summary – iMusica

Overall, iMusica’s success can be attributed to its commitment to supporting Brazilian music and its ability to provide artists with the tools and services they need to succeed in the digital age. As streaming continues to dominate the music industry, iMusica is well-positioned to continue leading the way in digital content distribution for Brazilian music.


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