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Allegro Music Review

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Annika Hope


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Allegro Music

Allegro Music Ltd is a leading UK-based online music retailer. They also have physical stores you can visit too. They offer a wide selection of musical instruments, accessories, and sheet music, as well as music lessons and tuition. They also have a wide selection of digital downloads, including music, videos, and e-books.

Allegro Music Ltd UK offers various musical instruments and accessories, including guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, amplifiers, and effects pedals. They also offer a wide selection of sheet music, books, DVDs, and a range of instrument repair services.

Allegro Music Ltd sells a variety of musical instruments and accessories from a range of popular brands, including Yamaha, Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Ibanez, Korg, and Roland. They also carry a selection of recording and DJ equipment from brands such as Shure, Pioneer, and Native Instruments.

Allegro Music Ltd is an important part of the community because they are committed to providing quality music education and resources to the public.

Free Delivery

Allegro Music Ltd is pleased to offer free delivery on all orders over £50. Simply add your items to your basket and when the total reaches £50 or more, the delivery charge will be automatically removed. Please note that this offer is only available for orders placed within the UK and does not apply to orders placed outside the UK.


As well as the online site, Allegro Music has numerous music stores in the southeast of the UK, including; Chelmsford, Southend, Colchester, and Great Baddow. All of the shops specialize in a wide range of musical instruments, including guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, and other accessories. They also offer lessons and repairs. 

They have a wide selection of sheet music and books as well as a selection of CDs and DVDs. The shop also offers a range of services such as instrument rental and music tuition. They also have a selection of musical instruments for sale. Allegro Music Ltd is open seven days a week and is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable staff who are always willing to help with any inquiries.

Kemble Cambridge Upright – Allegro Music Chelmsford

Allegro Music Shop Tour

Selling Your Instruments To Allegro Music

Allegro Music Ltd. is always looking for quality instruments to add to its inventory. 

To begin the process, you need to provide them with detailed information about the instruments you wish to sell. This includes photos, descriptions, and any other relevant information. 

They need to know the condition and age of the instruments. Once they have received this information, they will review it and provide you with an estimate of the value of the instruments. 

They will then contact you to arrange payment and delivery. 

Allegro Music Ltd Music Vouchers

Allegro Music Ltd offers music vouchers that can be purchased for use in our online store. The vouchers are a great way to purchase music from our selection of over a million tracks. 

Vouchers can be purchased in denominations of £5, £10, £15, £20, and £25. 

All vouchers come with a unique code that can be used to redeem the voucher in our online store. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Vouchers can be purchased online using a debit or credit card, or in-store using cash or a debit or credit card. 

Video Demos

Allegro Music Ltd offers a wide range of music demos for our customers. They have a selection of classical, jazz, rock, pop, and other genres of music. The demos are designed to give customers a taste of the different styles and sounds available in their catalog. 

They also offer custom demos, allowing customers to create their own unique sound. All of the demos are professionally recorded and mastered, ensuring the highest quality listening experience. Visit their website today to hear the music demos and start creating your own unique sound.

YouTube Channel 

Allegro Music Ltd has a YouTube channel that features videos of their work, tutorials, and interviews with industry professionals. The channel also features live performances and recordings of the company’s own music. Through the channel, Allegro Music Ltd aims to promote its services and provide a platform for its clients to showcase their work. You can check out their channel here!

Closing Thoughts

Allegro Music Ltd is an important part of the community because they provide a valuable service to the public. They are dedicated to helping people learn and enjoy music, and they provide a friendly and knowledgeable environment for people to explore their musical interests. They also offer music lessons, workshops, and other educational programs to help people of all ages and abilities develop their musical skills. If you are in the local area, then definitely head into one of their stores. 


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