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How To Get Verified On Spotify: The Ultimate Guide

Photograph of the blog post author, Donatella Canepa

Donatella Canepa


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Spotify is one of the most popular digital music streaming services in the world. Have you ever wondered how to get verified on Spotify and how to become a verified Spotify artist?

spotify verify

Well, you have come to the right place!

With a huge library, it gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists all over the world. Through its extremely user-friendly playlists, features, and app, Spotify is a great way for artists and bands to recruit fans and listeners and, why not, even try to climb the charts!

In this article, you’ll learn how to access all the tools and features that Spotify has designed for artists. And what the benefits are of getting the Spotify verification. If this sounds good to you, then keep reading!

What Is Spotify For Artists?

spotify for artists

Spotify for Artists is a service provided by Spotify that allows artists to manage their profiles and access stats and tools. Including detailed analytics data, profile updating, and playlist curators pitching. It is available on the Spotify website or as an iOS/Android app. 

A Spotify for Artists account has an easy-to-use smart dashboard with eye-catching graphics.

Check out our article on Spotify For Artists for more information!

Before learning how to get verified on Spotify however, you should first know how to get your music on Spotify.

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In addition, we offer exclusive sync licensing opportunities and free sync representation. As well as a free press, blog, and music promotion

Check out our guide on How To Upload Music To Spotify for more information on how to get your music onto the platform!

Why Get The Blue Check On Spotify?

get verified on spotify

Spotify shows listeners that an artist is the real deal by using a blue tick or checkmark. When you get access to Spotify for Artists, you will automatically verify and get the blue check on Spotify.

The blue checkmark is pretty cool and will give you a professional look, though this is only one among many reasons to get verified on Spotify. 

Indeed, Spotify verification is the way to get additional features and tools. And, most of all, to take control of your artist profile

Once you have become a verified Spotify artist, you can update your profile picture and your bio, and add social links and photos. 

Then you can share playlists, pick a song, an album, or a playlist to pin to the top of your artist page.

And if that were not enough, Spotify verification gives you the opportunity to submit your upcoming releases directly to playlist curators and keep track of your analytics. 

You can also display your merch and your tour dates on your artist page. If you are using Merchbar, your gears will automatically display on your Spotify profile, ready to be purchased by your fans. 

In addition, the “Concerts Tab” will show your tour dates listed on Ticketmaster, Songkick, Eventbrite, and AXS.

As usual, Spotify continues to develop good features like the new “Canvas” through which you can add a short looping visual to each of your tracks.

Spotify tools will help you to build your audience and develop your fan base. Updating your fans whenever you want with the “Artist Pick” feature.

How To Get Verified On Spotify

open laptop

Claiming an artist profile on Spotify is ultra-quick and easy.

First, your music should already be live on Spotify. If you’ve just released your first album or single and you don’t yet have anything on Spotify, you’ll have to wait for your release to go live before applying for Spotify verification. 

Alternatively, you can try to ask your label or distributor for the URI link to your Spotify artist profile.

How many followers on Spotify to get verified is one of the main concerns regarding how to become a verified Spotify artist. 

At one time you needed at least 250 followers to become a verified Spotify artist. Good news, not anymore! Verification is open to artists and labels, regardless of how many followers you have.

So if you are still asking yourself “How do I get verified on Spotify?”, you should go to Spotify for Artists right now and follow these steps:

  1. Click “Claim Your Profile”
  2. Search your artist name in the search bar or past the URI link to your artist profile
  3. Login with your Spotify account or create a new one
  4. Fill the form and verify by connecting to your Twitter account or paste the link to your website (your website should include your name and your e-mail address)
  5. Click “Submit”

Now, all you do is wait for the Spotify verification process!

Are you in a band? No problem. When your request is granted you’ll be able to add your team from your Spotify for Artists dashboard.

How Long Does It Take To Get Verified On Spotify?

girl on phone

There’s no set response time, though generally you should hear back from them within 3-4 weeks.

If you choose to claim your artist page through Spotify’s preferred providers, you can speed up the verification process and get instant access to Spotify for Artists. 

If you are interested in this, read your music distributor FAQ to learn how to get an artist verified on Spotify through its website.

That Was Our Guide On How To Become A Verified Spotify Artist

spotify on phone

This guide provides you with everything you need to become a verified Spotify artist, we hope that you found it helpful!

Spotify verification gives you a fantastic opportunity to increase your fan base, get playlists and new listeners, as well as access stats and tools. 

Of course, you can have your music on Spotify and get playlists without claiming an artist profile. But your Spotify page won’t stand out and playlist curators, labels, and listeners will most likely overlook it. 

A verified profile gives you a professional look as an artist. And thanks to verification, Spotify’s algorithms would prioritize your music. This helps you to be taken more seriously by playlist curators and get noticed by labels and the press.

Being a verified Spotify artist opens doors to exciting features and tools, the main benefits being:

  • The recognisable blue check mark next to your artist name
  • Access to Spotify for Artists
  • Artist profile customization with pictures, bio, link, and playlists
  • Analytics and insights
  • Direct submission to playlist curators
  • “Artist Pick” feature
  • Merch and tour listing
  • All exclusive features and tools developed by Spotify

User-friendly and easy to use, Spotify for Artists is becoming a must for every artist, famous or emerging. 

Getting verified on Spotify will boost your music career and your popularity, so get started today!

Most importantly though, don’t forget our FREE music distribution service here at Мusic Gateway!


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