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Case Studies

CeCe – Over You

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Music Gateway recently joined forces with the talented artist CeCe to promote her emotionally resonant single, “Over You.” This case study aims to delve into the fundamental aspects that define CeCe as an artist, scrutinize the elements that played a pivotal role in the success of her latest release, and shed light on her artistic pursuits.



CeCe was raised in a reasonably sheltered environment, so she didn’t have access to cable television like MTV as a young girl. Instead, CeCe found herself drawn to her father’s record player in their basement. He owned vinyl records from a variety of artists, including Michael Jackson, Meatloaf, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and even the comedic duo Homer and Jethro. She and her brothers would often laugh at their humorous tunes. As a result, she developed a diverse appreciation for music, a trait that is evident in her work. CeCe creates music that she would enjoy listening to like her track Over You.

CeCe discovered that the more she tried to create music for others, the less genuine it felt. Now, her music is simply inspired by the truth. The truth of what’s happening in her life and the lives of her friends. CeCe sees herself as a storyteller, attempting to convey the truth in a manner that encourages others to do the same. She hopes that if she fearlessly exposes herself, others will feel empowered to do so as well.

CeCe secured a respectable position as a 6th place finalist on the second season of X Factor USA. This achievement was not a small one, considering the high level of competition she faced. Interestingly, CeCe shared her season with the future members of the popular girl group, Fifth Harmony. Among these talented individuals were Camila Cabello and Normani, who would later go on to have successful solo careers. Being part of such a remarkable line-up of artists was an experience that she cherished.

Over You

over you

CeCe penned Over You during the enforced solitude of quarantine, collaborating with some of her most cherished partners in creativity. They were in the midst of a creative camp, designed to birth her new project, where they dared to experiment by blending various genres. This song, born out of their daring fusion, was among the first they crafted for this project. Its unique sonic qualities became a guiding light, shaping the sound and feel of the subsequent songs they produced.

 The song Over You illuminates the often overlooked truth that sometimes people find themselves unable to gravitate towards what’s truly beneficial for them. They’ve grown so accustomed to toxicity that anything serene and genuine feels disconcerting and foreign. It was one of the first compositions they created for this project, and it played a pivotal role in shaping the sonic trajectory for the rest of the songs.

By candidly expressing her past inability to opt for a healthy relationship, she hopes to encourage her listeners to confront and acknowledge their destructive patterns. The belief is that through this honesty, others may find the courage to recognize and break free from their own harmful habits.

Music Gateway X CeCe For Over You Single

Music Gateway is thrilled to aid in the promotion of the fresh single, Over You! We’ve crafted strategic blueprints to boost the song’s popularity.

This unique track, which merges classic components with a pop flair, is perfect for featuring in emerging pop and rock editorial pieces! A thorough digital and PR promotional drive for this release is supported by Music Gateway.

The single, Over You, has garnered acclaim and recognition, appearing in a multitude of respected publications:

The campaign also achieved:

  • Over 400,000 streams to date
  • Song added to 6 Spotify playlists
  • Press releases on multiple music publications

2023 And Beyond For CeCe

At present, CeCe is dedicated to releasing the wealth of music she has composed over the past few years. Her goal is to genuinely connect and interact with the fans who appreciate her work. Each release is complemented with a striking visual, either styled or designed by her, and shot in collaboration with her partner. They handle everything in-house, which has accustomed her to assume various roles for this project. Be sure to stream Over You on Spotify now!

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