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Case Studies

Finn O’Hara – You Deserve A Better Man

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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We are excited to showcase our recent partnership with the up-and-coming artist, Finn O’Hara, in promoting his powerful new single, “You Deserve A Better Man.” Through this case study, we will explore how our team worked alongside Finn to bring his creative vision to life.

Finn O’Hara – The Artist

Finn O'Hara

Finn O’Hara, the teenage pop sensation from Dublin, Ireland, is back with his second single ‘You Deserve A Better Man’. After making a splash with his debut single ‘Silhouette’ in early 2022, which garnered a following on TikTok and amassed hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify, Finn is ready to take the music world by storm once again.

Finn O’Hara transitions from his signature emotive tunes to a vibrant electronic Pop landscape, characterized by dynamic synthesizers and a robust drum rhythm, thereby establishing himself as a versatile songwriter with the potential for chart-topping hits. His new single features a catchy chorus that promises to connect deeply with his audience. In this song, Finn delves into the complexities of toxic relationships, approaching the topic with empathy and candor. The production and mixing of the track were expertly handled by Richey McCourt, known for his work with Will Young, Pixie Lott, and Matt Cardle.

You Deserve A Better Man

you deserve a better man

When starting the process of recording the song, Finn stated, “I wrote the song myself on my piano at home. After writing it was recorded in the producer “Richey McCourt” home studio in which he put together a suitable backing track for the song including all the beats etc. After recording the main vocals we then proceeded to add all necessary harmonies and ad-libs to bring the song to life. Once vocals were done Richey produced and mixed the tack on his own before sending it off to him mastered.

Finn provides insight into the inspiration behind his new song, stating, “I initially wrote the track about a friend of mine who

feels she can never find the right person for her and was stuck in a situationship that was very

toxic. I took lots of inspiration from different posts I had seen on social media where people feel

they’re never good enough for more than a one-night stand which I found really frustrating and

sad to see, giving rise to the one-night stand line in the chorus.”

Music Gateway + Finn O’Hara

We’re thrilled to help promote the new single, You Deserve A Better Man, here at Music Gateway! We’ve developed strategic approaches to foster the song’s expansion.

This remarkable song, which merges classic elements with a pop flair, is perfect for inclusion in emerging pop and rock editorial pieces! A thorough digital and PR promotional campaign for this release is supported by Music Gateway.

The single, You Deserve A Better Man, has garnered acclaim and recognition, appearing in a multitude of respected publications:

Tinnitist, Get It Shared, Earmilk, Music Crowns, Right Chord, Flex, Speak Media, Purple MelonThe Stumble Upon

  • Over 1 MILLION streams to date!
  • Song added to over 20 Spotify playlists
  • You Deserve A Better Man featured in multiple popular TikTok influencers’ posts: @me_martina, @hardlifeofgoldie, @lukecxnnor
  • The music video on Youtube accumulating over 90,000 views to date. 

2023 And Beyond For Finn O’Hara

There are currently no plans to do a tour or gig yet, as Finn is focused on releasing his EP and new songs but be on the lookout for more of this young man’s exciting musical journey!

In conclusion, Finn O’Hara, a young musician, is a rising star to watch. His talent and passion for music shine through in his performances, making him a promising figure in the industry. With his unique sound and dedication, O’Hara is undoubtedly set to make significant contributions to the world of music.


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