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Case Studies

SANSOM – Sinner

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Music Gateway is excited to showcase our most recent partnership with the gifted artist, SANSOM, in propelling his significant new single, “Sinner.” This case study will explore the process of how our team worked hand-in-hand with SANSOM to bring his artistic vision to life.

SANSOM – The Artist


The brilliant Edward Sansom is the mastermind behind the unique name, SANSOM. Originating from Brighton, SANSOM has crafted a unique rock sound that respectfully nods to a broad spectrum of music genres, resulting in a rejuvenating and distinctive sonic signature. Having graced the stages of prestigious music festivals such as Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, and Camden Rocks, SANSOM has rapidly amassed an expanding fan base.

SANSOM’s newest release, the single “Sinner,” showcases a compelling mix of thunderous drums, forceful bass riffs, and guitars drenched in distortion. The heart-rending lyrics of SANSOM perfectly dovetail with his character-rich vocal tones, creating an unforgettable impact. The track is complemented by a captivating music video, forming a potent blend of visual and auditory stimulation.

Music Gateway + SANSOM

As an emerging talent in the music industry, achieved a significant milestone when he won one of Music Gateway’s competitions. The competition, known for spotlighting and fostering new talent, was won by SANSOM with his captivating track, ‘Saturday.’

The winning track, ‘Saturday,’ impressed the judges with its unique blend of resonant vocals, compelling lyrics, and innovative musical arrangement. It stood out amongst numerous entries, demonstrating SANSOM’s distinctive musical style and creative prowess.

As the winner, SANSOM was awarded a free music promotion package. This package was designed to amplify his music, increase his visibility, and accelerate his growth in the industry. It included a range of promotional activities such as social media marketing, radio plugging, press releases, and playlist placements. This comprehensive package provided SANSOM with a significant boost, helping him reach a wider audience and gain more recognition in the music industry.

Music Gateway + Sinner

We’re thrilled to assist in publicizing the new single, Sinner, at Music Gateway! We’ve developed effective strategies to boost the song’s visibility. This exceptional track, which merges the classic elements of indie/alternative with a rock flavor, is perfect for inclusion in future pop and rock editorial pieces. Music Gateway supports a thorough digital and PR marketing campaign for this release.

  • 17K total streams 
  • 24k+ YouTube views
  • Playlist placements across our network totalling over 200k+ followers
  • Numerous pieces of press coverage including EARMILK, Music Crowns & FLEX
  • 90+ Radio Downloads on ‘Saturday

2023 & Beyond For SANSOM

As of now, there are no scheduled tours or performances for SANSOM. However, keep an eye on his progress and stay updated with Music Gateway for more news about the artist. Don’t forget to listen to his track, Sinner!

If you have songs that you want to share with the world – we want to help boost your career and get them noticed including marketing and promoting your music – and improving your streaming presence! We can also help you with your music video promotion.


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