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Case Studies

TripleS Acid Eyes – Cherry Gene

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Acid Eyes

We’re thrilled to highlight our latest collaboration with K-pop phenomenon, TripleS Acid Eyes, in marketing their dynamic new track, “Cherry Gene”. This case study will delve into how our team and the group’s management cooperatively elevated their TikTok creative campaign’s reach.

TripleS, a girl group from South Korea established by MODHAUS, is gradually making its debut via a pre-debut project initiated in May 2022. This project involves the periodic unveiling of each of its 24 members.

K-pop idols such as TripleS are known for their elaborate choreography and stunning visuals. They undergo rigorous training for years before debuting, and their performances are often accompanied by intricate stage designs and special effects.

Acid Eyes

The goal for TripleS is to become the first-ever decentralized K-pop idol group in the world. The structure allows fans to determine member rotation for group, sub-unit, and solo activities through interaction and participation using NFT photo cards known as ‘Objekts’. Each member possesses a unique ‘S’ ability which they will showcase through the ‘Dimension’. The group’s concept will be refreshed every season with innovative ideas, hence how the members of Acid Eyes were chosen for this season.

Cherry Gene

On the 1st of June, 2023, Acid Angel and +(KR)ystal Eyes from Asia declared they would be collaborating as a sub-unit named Acid Eyes to produce a new album called Cherry Gene. The lead single and its visualizer debuted on June 6, with the physical album set for a July release.

On June 6, 2023, Acid Eyes made their debut with their single album Cherry Gene featuring the title track “Cherry Gene”. Once again, tripleS broadens the horizon with fresh music. What kind of flavor will arise when the delightful and effervescent “Cherry Talk” collides with the tart taste of “Generation”? It’s the birth of “Cherry Gene” The Baddest Mix! TripleS reveals its distinctive mix of novel possibilities and combinations.

Music Gateway + TripleS Acid Eyes

Working together with TripleS Acid Eyes + and their label team, our focus was on promoting ‘Cherry Gene’ on TikTok. Here are the fantastic results!

  • An accumulation of 52,036,977 views and counting on TikTok!
  • Over 1,786,220 likes
  • 10,656 shares to date
  • Over 500 total videos of content using the sound
  • Numerous dance content made by popular TikTok users

alicellanispam, moqart, paolaszulborska, olyafoxyfit, iliana.tyreli, ameliamcleod3, charliec055


Me also blasting my headphones off at 3am🤣#fyp

♬ Cherry Gene ‘Baddest Mix’ – tripleS

2023 And Beyond For TripleS Acid Eyes

As TripleS Acid Eyes are currently promoting their latest track, there has been no confirmation of a tour or fan meeting just yet! Rest assured, we will keep you updated. In the meantime make sure to listen to Cherry Gene and stream on all major platforms!

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