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Recording Studios

7 Of The Best Recording Studios in Chicago

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Joelle Banton


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The Best Recording Studios in Chicago

Chicago is known for many things from harbouring many unique art galleries to being a finance hub, but there is one thing sets this city apart from all the rest – the music. 

Even as far back as the 30s, music that originated from Chicago travelled throughout the world. Blues and Jazz artists such as Nat King Cole, Muddy Waters and Louis Armstrong made waves in early music scenes. Chicago played a major role in shaping many genres of music that are popular today. It is also where the Grammy award-winning artist Kanye West was raised. 

The city was once known as the electric blues capital, the music scene is aided by the wide variety of recording studios in Chicago to choose from. According to research about the number of recording studios in throughout US cities, Chicago comes in fourth place. 

We’ve made a list of the best studios in Chicago and explored which one of these studios are best for your type of sound, budget and project. 

Gravity Studios

Founded by Doug McBride in the early ’90s, Gravity Studios has often been described as Chicago’s finest recording studio. Its premiere facilities for rock mixing, mastering and recording and has enticed the likes of Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, Fallout Boy and Smashing Pumpkins

If you’re a band looking for the perfect place to record in Chicago, then you should consider Gravity Studios. 

Not only does this studio offer audio recording, mixing and mastering but if you need help with songwriting development or want to record a live concert, the team at Gravity studios have years’ experience offering these range of services.  

Gravity studios consist of a Studio A and Studio B, packed with all the latest gear in consoles and converters, preamps and instruments. All the equipment is free to use including drum kits, pianos, keyboards, electric bass, acoustic/electric guitars, and more.

Interested? Drop Gravity Studios a call on +1 773-862-1880 or email: [email protected]

Soundscape Studios

Soundscape studios chicago

Also founded in the ’90s, Soundscape Studios started off as a home-based studio. Today, this studio has hosted a diverse range of musical genres including R&B, gospel, punk rock and hip-hop and has seen a plethora of artists. 

Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, 2 Chainz, M.I.A, Georg Clinton, Ludacris and many more have set foot in this Chicago recording studio. 

World-class analogue gear, award-winning engineers and the latest music technology available are just a few of the reasons why Soundscape Studios makes the list for the best recording studios in Chicago. 

Rates for Soundscape are flexible as artists can choose to pay by the hour, day or half-day. Discounts are also available for larger projects making it even easier to create great music!

Get in touch with Soundscape by emailing them: [email protected] or giving them a call: + 1 773-828-9044

Classick Studios

Classick Studios Chicago

Some of the greatest Chicago rap albums of the last decade were produced in the renowned Classick Studios. 

Opened in 2006 by Chris Inumerable, Classick studios was started to help out up and coming artists in the Chicago music scene. This notion still rings true today with the affordable rates the studio offers.

Chris, now 31 years old, is set to transform the studio into a creative hub for the entire city. 

Classicks’ has highly acclaimed engineers and producers, innovative facilities and the latest music software to dive into and use. They are behind some of the biggest albums right now including music from SZA, Chance The Rapper and Taylor Bennet.

The extensive collection of hit albums produced in Classick Studios makes this a top contender for hip-hop and R&B artists. For a minimum of two hours, prices range from $45 – $65, with options to book straight from specialist engineers. 

Want to book? Click this link to get in touch with the studio. 

Mystery Street Recording Company

Mystery Street Recording Company

Endorsed by the Library of Congress, Mystery Street Recording Company Company’s advanced Audio preservation lab is the perfect for place audio restoration and preservation. 

Everything from 78 records to vinyl records, Mystery Street Recording Company can transfer music from any format. This studio also has a unique collection of digital and analogue gear making the process of recording, mixing and mastering as seamless as possible. 

There are also 24/7 rehearsal spaces with the chance to gain extra recording time for every hour of rehearsal. 

Get in touch with Mystery Street Recording Company by email: [email protected] or by call or text: (773) 512-2630

Sound Vault Recording Studio

Sound Vault Studios Chicago

The team at Sound Vault Studios quote themselves as being devoted and friendly producers, engineers and in-house session players who are committed to bringing artists’ music to life in a comfortable environment. 

Looking for a recording studio in Chicago with a more laid-back vibe? Sound Vault studios are the place to be. There aren’t any set prices for Sound Vault as the staff prefer to chat in person with potential clients. 

Sound Vault Studios Logo

If you are on a budget and looking for cheap recording studios in Chicago, then you should definitely consider contacting Sound Vault Studios via email

Uptown Recording Studios

Uptown Recording Studios Chicago

Another 90’s baby, Uptown Recording started out in the basement of Chicago flat in 1995 when uptown was the centre of entertainment in the city. 

Today this premiere Chicago recording studio is one of the last spaces reflecting the honest local culture in the Windy City. Recently, uptown was designated the entertainment district of Chicago by its Mayor. 

If you are looking for a studio surrounded by inspiration and life, Uptown Recording fits the bill as it’s just footsteps away from the Riviera Theatre, The Uptown Theatre and The Green Mill. 

Uptown Recording Studios Chicago Live Room

Rates start at $75 per hour for studio time or mixing and mastering – this price also includes talented engineers and the use of gear at no extra charge.

Want to book a session or find out more about Uptown Recording Studios? Click here.

Pressure Point Recording Studios

Pressure Point Recording Studios Chicago

Searching for a lush environment with state-of-the-art acoustics? Look no further. 

The only recording studio in Chicago to be named Mix Magazines Studio of the year, Pressure Point recording Studio is truly unique and one of the best studios in the area for recording. 

From the moment you step into this studio, you will feel inspired by the Moroccan/Asian-themed Décor. Pressure Point recording studios consist of 5 unique and sonically distinct spaces for a recording that includes; a tunable isomorphic wall and a natural stone drum area. 

This studio is also the only studio throughout the midwestern area to have a rare 72-ch fully analogue SSL 9000K series mixing console.

To find out about prices, get in touch with Pressure Point via email or give them a call on  +1 (312) 842-8099.

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Conclusion & Advice

When you are looking to go into a professional studio there are many things to consider. It’s also best to speak to at least 3 or 4 companies before you dive in, after all, they are providing a service to you, so first impressions count. 

You should ensure that the producer or engineer is a good match to your genre or style of music and of course, budgets will be a factor, so try to cut a deal.

If you are on a super tight budget, see if there are any late night or downtime offers available, there normally are vs the peak time bookings.

We hope you enjoyed this and it’s of help, good luck with your search – happy recording in one of Americans finest cities.

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