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Case Studies

Odd Eye Circle – Air Force One & Je Ne Sais Quoi

Photograph of the blog post author, Chioma Eguzoraku

Chioma Eguzoraku


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We’re excited to showcase our most recent partnership with K-pop sensation, Odd Eye Circle, in promoting their vibrant new songs, “Air Force One” & “Je Ne Sais Quoi”. This case study will explore how our team and the band’s management jointly amplified the reach of their TikTok creative campaign.

Odd Eye Circle

Odd Eye Circle

Odd Eye Circle, a sub-unit of the globally recognized K-pop group LOONA, is making waves in the international music scene. Comprising three members – Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry, Odd Eye Circle has been captivating audiences with their unique sound and compelling storylines.

The group’s music is a fusion of various genres, including synth-pop, R&B, and EDM, creating a unique sound that sets them apart in the crowded K-pop landscape. Their debut EP, “Mix & Match”, was a testament to their versatility, showcasing different musical styles and vocal capabilities. The lead single, “Girl Front”, was particularly noteworthy for its energetic beat and catchy melodies, quickly gaining popularity among K-pop enthusiasts.

Odd Eye Circle, together with their fellow band member Heejin, successfully ended their exclusive contracts with Blockberry Creative on January 13, 2023. They entered into exclusive contracts with Modhaus on March 17. On March 27, Modhaus reportedly submitted an application to trademark the Odd Eye Circle name. They were presented as part of the ARTMS project by Modhaus on April 15, along with their former bandmate Heejin. Odd Eye Circle was unveiled as a participant in the ARTMS project, with individual member teasers for Version Up being released from June 15 to 17. Modhaus declared on June 19 that the band’s return date would be July 12.

Air Force One & Je Ne Sais Quoi

Air Force One

On June 29, the music group Modhaus made an official announcement regarding their new EP, revealing that it would carry the title, Version Up. This announcement created a buzz among the fans, who were eagerly awaiting new music from the group.

Further heightening the anticipation, Modhaus released the tracklist for Version Up on July 5. The list unveiled “Air Force One” as the lead single of the EP, indicating that this song would likely be the first to receive a music video and potentially the most promoted track on the EP.

The excitement culminated on July 12, when both the EP and the music video for “Air Force One” were released to the public. The music video, often an essential part of the promotion for the lead single, was anticipated to showcase the group’s unique style and musical direction.

To celebrate the release and to further promote the EP, Odd Eye Circle, presumably a subgroup or associated act of Modhaus, held a showcase at the Yes24 Live Hall. Showcases like these provide an opportunity for the artists to perform their new songs live, often accompanied by choreography or other visual elements, giving fans a more in-depth look at the concept and mood of the new EP.

Music Gateway + Odd Eye Circle

In collaboration with Odd Eye Circle and our label team, we concentrated our efforts on promoting ‘Air Force One’ and ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ on TikTok. We’re thrilled to share the outstanding outcomes!

Air Force One

Je Ne Sais Quoi


your 3rd @ had to go to disney with you!

♬ Je Ne Sais Quoi – ODD EYE CIRCLE

2023 And Beyond For Odd Eye Circle

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This return signifies a new chapter in Odd Eye Circle’s musical journey and fans are eagerly waiting for this date. Alongside this exciting news, Modhaus also shared that the launch of the group’s new EP won’t be the only highlight. They plan to further celebrate their music by embarking on a tour. This won’t be any ordinary tour; they plan to cross borders and perform at four different locations across Europe. The tour is set to take place in August, providing fans with a chance to experience their new music live. This combination of a new EP and a European tour marks a significant milestone in their career.

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