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Case Studies

Sofia Martynova – Let’s Go Party

Photograph of the blog post author, Chioma Eguzoraku

Chioma Eguzoraku


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We are excited to announce our alliance with the proficient Sofia Martynova, in the progression of her amazing new single, “Let’s Go Party.” This analytical evaluation will probe into the methodologies employed by our team in synergizing with Sofia to actualize her artistic aspiration.

Sofia Martynova

Sofia Martynova Let's Go Party

Sofia has been studying music professionally since she was 5 years old, both as a pianist and singer. Currently, Sofia is studying musicology, theatre science, and art history at the University of Bern. Growing up, she spent most of her time listening to classical music. Opera still remains one of Sofia’s favorite music genres and a significant source of inspiration. From the onset of her musical education, music theory was among Sofia’s favorite subjects. Even today, she has a keen interest in harmony and music theory, which greatly assists her in creating music.

Recently, Sofia embarked on a journey of songwriting, crafting tunes in the genres of dance, house, and pop. She does not see herself as mirroring other artists, but rather, she absorbs knowledge from their work, using it to enrich her own. Her primary artistic ambition is to be an autonomous, distinct artist who harmoniously blends her multitude of physical talents – figure skating, dancing, contortion – with her own music in a “Gesamtkunstwerk”. At present, Sofia is honing her skills in song creation and music video production, all while striving to reach new audiences. In the future, she aspires to perform, crafting unique shows that incorporate her music, dance, contortion, and figure skating.

Let’s Go Party

“Let’s Go Party” is a pulsating Electronic Dance Music (EDM) track that perfectly captures the exhilarating energy of a night out. The song, with its infectious beat and electrifying synth lines, is an irresistible call to the dance floor. The track’s dynamic build-ups and explosive drops are expertly crafted, creating a rhythm that encourages listeners to move. The song’s vibrant melodies and catchy hook, “Let’s Go Party,” make it an instant crowd-pleaser, effortlessly setting a lively and upbeat tone for any club night.

This is not just a song, it’s an experience that embodies the spirit of partying and revelry. Let’s Go Party has a high-energy tempo and invigorating beats resonate with the vibrant atmosphere of nightclubs, making it a staple in many DJ sets. The song’s euphoric vibe and rhythmic progression create a sense of unity on the dance floor, encouraging everyone to let loose and enjoy the moment. With its captivating sound and feel-good lyrics, “Let’s Go Party” is the ultimate anthem for a fun-filled night out.

Music Gateway + Sofia Martynova Let’s Go Party

We’re thrilled to assist in boosting the new single, Let’s Go Party, at Music Gateway! We have designed tactical approaches for  Skyrocket Spotify, 3 X Sync Promotion, Spotlight Youtube, and Worldwide Radio to expand the song’s exposure.

This exceptional track, skillfully merging conventional EDM elements with a dance spin, is perfect for highlighting in forthcoming pop and dance editorial projects. Music Gateway supports a thorough digital and PR marketing campaign for this launch.

Here are some amazing stats that we have procured for Let’s Go Party:

  • New Music Friday Switzerland & Swiss Made Spotify Editorial Placement
  • 50k+ Spotify Streams
  • 50k+ YouTube streams
  • Inclusion across Spotify & YouTube playlists
  • 100+ Radio Downloads

2023 & Beyond For Sofia Martynova

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Sofia hasn’t planned any gigs or tours for now because it’s only her third song. Right now, she is focusing on creating songs, and music videos, and reaching new audiences. However, she would love to have the opportunity to perform in the future, creating unique performances that incorporate her music, dancing, contortion, and figure skating. Be sure to stream Let’s Go Party and check out her previous songs!

If you have songs that you want to share with the world – we want to help boost your career and get them noticed including marketing and promoting your music – and improving your streaming presence! We can also help you with your music video promotion. Additionally, check out our sync opportunities page to get your music in TV and Film. Try it out for free today by signing up


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