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The Hourglass Effect – But Anyways

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Recently, Music Gateway enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with The Hourglass Effect on their impactful single, “But Anyways”. In this analysis, we’ll explore the principles behind the collective known as The Hourglass Effect, the factors contributing to the success of their latest release, and the forward-looking plans of this creative ensemble.

The Hourglass Effect

The Hourglass Effect

The genesis of The Hourglass Effect can be traced back to an unplanned encounter in a nondescript parking lot.

 It was there that Drew, a talented songwriter, noticed a striking figure with fiery red hair cradling a guitar. This was Erin, a singer with a voice that could captivate and command attention. Intrigued, Drew initiated a conversation with her, a simple act that would later prove to be instrumental in the formation of The Hourglass Effect.

As fate would have it, Erin was on her way to a recording studio where Dave, an experienced music teacher, was awaiting her arrival. Once introductions were made, the trio quickly discovered a common musical wavelength. They found themselves bonding over a shared vision for the potential of Drew’s songs, a synergy that would lay the foundation for their future collaboration.

The moment Drew heard Erin’s powerful vocal prowess, he was inspired. He began to craft his songs with her distinctive voice in mind, a creative process that would ultimately shape the unique sound of The Hourglass Effect.

But Anyways

But Anyways

“But Anyways” is a unique musical piece, conceived by songwriter Drew Brashear. His creative vision was actualized with the assistance of Dave Hardman, a multi-instrumentalist, and Erin Fox-Clough, a vocalist. The creation of this track was not a pre-planned event, but rather, it emerged from an impromptu jam session during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

 In a time when the world was grappling with an unprecedented crisis, these artists chose to channel their energy into their passion for music. Their unwavering determination and resilience led them to maintain their creative process, even amidst global adversity. This spontaneous session of musical exploration and collaboration eventually evolved into a fully arranged piece.

 The track, “But Anyways,” went on to become the opening track of their self-titled album. It stands as a testament to their ability to adapt and create, even in the most challenging of circumstances. The track’s creation story adds a layer of depth to its meaning, further enhancing the listening experience for the audience.

Music Gateway + The Hourglass Effect – But Anyways

Music Gateway has partnered with The Hourglass Effect to execute an extensive Spotify Promotion campaign. As a result, But Anyways has been included in 10 playlists, rapidly surpassing the milestone of 75,000 streams. Given the current trajectory, it’s anticipated that the stream count will exceed our expectations.

  • Over 870,000 views on Youtube to date!
  • 72,000 impressions on Facebook and Instagram
  • Over 141 airplay on 20 different radio stations
  • 4 press releases 
  • TikTok influencer posts utilizing the song
  • Over 900,000 streams on Spotify to date!

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♬ But Anyways – The Hourglass Effect

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♬ But Anyways – The Hourglass Effect

2023 And Beyond For The Hourglass Effect

As of now, there are no scheduled tours or performances for the band yet. However, keep an eye on their progress and regularly check Music Gateway for further updates about the group. North Carolinian rock band The Hourglass Effect share their country rock single ‘But Anyways’, out now on all streaming platforms. 
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