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Getting your music out to your fans is such an important process, just as important as making music. If you don’t distribute your music properly, it might never get heard by anyone.

Our friends JTV Digital provide a service to help you distribute your music digitally. Read on to find out who they are and what they are up to.

1.    Tell us more about JTV Digital, what are your current plans?

Our primary focus is still digital music distribution, we have onboarded new services like YouTube Music Key, Kdigital and WDA and plan to add more in early 2015, to allow our clients to distribute their music to the most relevant digital music and video platforms.

However, we have started to develop other activities such as publishing, licensing, artist representation and booking.

And we constantly look at new partnerships opportunities to offer optional services to our clients (like marketing / promotion, web design, PR, radio airplay reports…Etc.).

2.    You recently used Music Gateway to find Dance/Summer Hits for a new compilation album, how did the project work out for you?

Yes, that’s correct. The project went pretty well, especially since the quality of the submissions was of high standards, which was exactly what we were looking at for this compilation.

3.    Your project received a good number of pitches from interested artists, was the A&R process easier through our site rather than the usual email/demo submission process?

Indeed, and we usually do not accept unsolicited / direct submissions, otherwise things quickly become unmanageable and you end up being flooded by requests.

Services like Music Gateway allow to define the quality standards and requirements while filtering submissions in order to get the most relevant material.

4.    What benefits did you notice to using our unique Workspace for managing your project and the received songs?

The Workspace clearly displays the submissions to be reviewed and offers the option to exchange with the artist before accepting or declining an offer. It is also quite useful for follow-up purposes and keeping a log of the projects and completed actions.

5.    With the internet making everything in the music industry more accessible how does JTV Digital use this to their advantage?

We try to support our artists (at least the ones who have a need for this and ask for advice) so that they establish a consistent online presence across all networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…Etc.). Consistency meaning a clear editorial and branding strategy, for making sure the potential customers/listeners do not get confused when switching from one online network/service to another.

Artists really shall ensure to be easily found and identified, and whenever possible avoid restricting access to their music (for example labels taking down some of their artist’s repertoire from streaming services is one of these restrictions).

Usually, consumers do not like frustration (even though this is part of a marketing strategy from labels to create demand and maximize revenues).

6.    You have a new project on Music Gateway, could you tell us a bit more about what you’re looking for?

Yes, we’re looking at licensing cover songs and/or instrumentals of current “hits” for digital distribution. We’ve had a number of pitches received, we’re excited to see how it goes! (View this project here).

Check out JTV Digital’s new project today if you have a brilliant new cover of a well-known track, it’s a brilliant opportunity. Also, why not fulfil your goals and create your own project today? See what you can do! 

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