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Brand New Start – Gina Cutillo

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This energy filled track recalls quintessential 90’s pop-punk song writing. With the classic features of a nostalgic alt-pop songstress, Gina Cutillo delivers this anthemic track with heart.

Brand New Start

Opening with timely muted chords under restrained, simplistic vocal work. The track begins with minimal accompaniment leaving undetermined space for dynamic rises. 

Soon we hear the entranced of a second guitar ringing out with flurries of dotted eight delays. This technique immediately adds a sense of depth and complexity to the instrumental work. Combining this with the palm muted tones gives an air of more sophisticated pop arrangement in the vein of Angels and Airwaves current outputs.

The introduction of this melodic inclusion is partnered with more explorative phrasing in the vocal delivery. Together this implies a slow dynamic rise to the body of the work. Quickly shifting to an anthemic interval of punchy drums and fading distorted guitar, the track takes on a new energy.

Though fuller and more driven instrumentation now fills the mix, the familiar trailing delays and full chord tones are kept present. Continuing the sense of matured pop-punk, the treated vocals layer over dancing synth fractals and spacious percussive work.

Brand New Start sits comfortably between earlier Jimmy Eat World and mid 2010’s All Time Low, resulting in a widely accessible flavour of radio-friendly pop-punk.

  • Overall rating: 7/10
  • Pairs well with: Control Room – Avril Lavigne

About Gina Cutillo

‘Billboard artist from Long Island, NY Gina Cutillo has performed on stage with Prince, toured with Katy Perry & others. Her songs can be heard on TV & films such as: Oprah, Nickelodeon, Mean Girls 2, Barbara Walters, MLB, Food Network, Degrassi, E! and more’

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