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KEEMOSABE ‘The Lights Go Down’: New Single Out On April 17th!

Photograph of the blog post author, Vivienne Morstadt

Vivienne Morstadt


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KEEMOSABE ‘The Lights Go Down’ is to set the whole rock scene ablaze – this fiery new track is out now! Mixed and mastered by Grammy Award-winning producers Tommaso Colliva and Giovanni Versari, ‘The Lights Go Down’ is their first single to premiere from their debut album ‘Look Closer’ (out in the fall of 2020). 

Learn More About KEEMOSABE

KEEMOSABE Photoshoot

From the woods of Italy’s Lake Maggiore, comes the modern rock band KEEMOSABE. The four-piece band consists of Alberto Curtis (Guitar & Voice), Pino Muscatelli (Bass), Sebastiano Vecchio (Drums) and Andrea Guarinoni (Keys). What makes the band wholesome is the contributions of each member’s specific talent and experience within the music industry.

KEEMOSABE morphs through various musical styles to best convey each track’s message.  Alberto Curtis and Sebastiano Vecchio studied and worked as jazz-fusion musicians in New York City from 2013 to 2016. This freeform ethic pervades their music. Andrea Guarinoni worked as a hip-hop producer, while Pino Muscatelli was a regular face on the Italian Stoner Rock scene.

The group has broken into the industry with a bang as a large number of successes keep rolling in. Their first single from the EP, ‘Out of the City (Pt.1)’, was featured by VEVO in their Rock Youtube playlist, alongside The Killers, Sam Fender and many more. Moving onto their large list of notable mentions is support from places such as CLASH Magazine, New Noise Magazine and a feature in ‘Sturling’ – a superhero movie.

However, their success doesn’t stop there. They’ve performed in countless venues including a show at the legendary Studio One at Abbey Road Studios and two sold-out shows at The Islington and Servant Jazz Quarters.

In addition, their participation in the X-Factor Italy helped to take their fame a level higher. Their elimination raised attention for the band, all around the country, entering them in Italy’s top Twitter trends, and Rolling Stone referring to KEEMOSABE as “a true band in times of famine”.

KEEMOSABE ‘The Lights Go Down’: A Fiery Escape From Reality

Inspired by the likes of Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Nothing But Thieves and The Amazons, ‘The Lights Go Down’ transports listeners to another world, detailing escapism from reality and a search for identity. Alberto’s gravelly voice upholds a mystifying yet energising modern rock charge, reeling listeners in for an electrifying adrenaline rush they won’t forget.

‘The Lights Go Down’ was written at their own studio, at an old house lost in the woods of Northern Italy. This is the main inspiration hub where the group lives together and composes music full time. A quote from philosopher Alan Watts became the centre of inspiration for the writing process. It was of such importance, that it actually became a part of the song.

This is just the first chapter of what’s to come in KEEMOSABE’s upcoming album Look Closer. 2020 is sure to be the year this group becomes a worldwide sensation. 

KEEMOSABE ‘The Lights Go Down’ – Save & Stream Now!

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