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Lucius ‘Sun Dance’ – A Father-Daughter Project Channelling The Duality of Light & Darkness

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Lucius and his daughter Mia Shanti present ‘Sun Dance’: a downtempo electro-pop track rife with moody textures.

Who is Lucius?

Luke Harrison; AKA Lucius, has been playing music as long as he can remember. Specialising in electronica, ambient pop and trip-hop, Lucius loves to explore different sound textures to produce surreal and emotive soundscapes. Consequently, he has produced two highly innovative albums: ‘Downbeat Mysteries’ in 2009, and ‘Cinema Sonics Ambient Works’ in 2012.

Taking inspiration from a huge array of artists from fiery rock-pop Florence & The Machine to electronica heroes Orbital, folk icons Midlake and the seminal prog-rock of Pink Floyd, Lucius aims to innovate and to bring something a bit new and bold to the table – something cerebral, emotive & reflective.

His daughter Mia Shanti grew up surrounded by talented electronic producers and musicians, so music has always been second nature to her. With the support of Brain Bomb Productions, Mia aims to bring something new, fresh, and a little quirky with her effortlessly smooth vocal style.

‘Sun Dance’

‘Sun Dance’ is the first time Lucius and his daughter Mia Shanti have produced something together. Lucius had worked with friend AbbyK on numerous musical projects before, exploiting her talent for instrumental arrangement. On this occasion, Lucius also wanted to utilise his daughter Mia’s unique vocal style for this new track. Lucius spent several weeks working on the song’s narrative, writing in quick poetic form. Together with AbbyK, he wrote the key melody and arranged the strings, piano, guitar and pad sections. Next, he worked with Mia to form the wistful and evocative vocal.

The track was arranged and recorded at Brain Bomb Productions studio. Layered with ethereal choir vocals, military drums, rhythmic piano lines and dissonant pads, Lucius’ ‘Sun Dance’ is a haunting, progressive and downtempo track rife with silky smooth textures and rich vocals. It channels a downtempo poptronica feel that’s reminiscent of DJ Shadow, Orb and DJ Krush.

Lucius strives to get across the dualism of life, representing both darkness and light within the track.

‘Sun Dance’ will be released on the 30th August 2020.

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