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Luigui Bleand – ‘Gomelo’ – out now!

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Luigui Bleand is back with his latest release ‘Gomelo’ an infectious, upbeat Spanish Reggaeton track which will have you yearning for the dancefloor.


With pure uncut Reggaeton vibes, electric guitar, trombone and bass – ‘Gomelo’ is a certified banger for summer 2021. Born whilst on a trip he took to Columbia, ‘Gomelo’ is a representation of the extravagant and fun lifestyle that Columbians live. Their culture, people and most of all, their style and unique way of life inspired Luigui – and he felt compelled to create the track.

Intending to channel the street and nightlife of Medellin, Columbia – Luigui brings us unbridled energy with his latest release, reviving the Reggaeton genre for us all to appreciate.

Who Is Luigui Bleand?

Luis Alfredo Silverio, otherwise known as Luigui Bleand, is a Dominican- Haitian singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. Born in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic, he spent eight years of his childhood in an orphanage. However – destiny had a great surprise that would change his life forever: urban music, where he is now making his mark on the music industry.

Music is the essence and motor of his soul; it is the energy that has allowed him to rise in the artistic world where he is projected as an icon of the urban genre. Starting off at the tender age of 13, Luis began working at a small recording studio and went onto establishing his own recording studio, working with other artists. After some years producing and making his own music – he took the plunge and moved to Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic.

Now in a new city – he met Reynaldo Sánchez, owner of Sonolab Estudio. Luigui had the opportunity to learn about how to mix live music and record instruments from Reynaldo – adding to his ever- growing musical talents. At the time, Luigui also worked at El Caribe newspaper within the marketing and sales department – which in turn helped him learn more about the digital music market.

As a result, after more than two years of training, he signed a contract with a sister company of Sony Music Entertainment with a 5-year agreement and a subsequent Sony proposal to distribute digital recordings for 15 years. From being the restless young Dominican, Luigui became the pioneer of this type of music marketing in his country as an example of tenacity for achieving his dreams.

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