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They’re Coming For Our Planet…and Our Minds: Lomon’s ‘Little Visitors’

Photograph of the blog post author, Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson


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Channeling the likes of Pond and The Flaming Lips, Lomon brings us a cautionary tale on the state of our planet, packaged in a modern psychedelic-folk box. 

Little Visitors

We begin with falling droplets of digital rain, setting the stage for the ever-so-slightly melancholic, ever-so-slightly hopeful chordal work of a modulated guitar. The Bowie-esque delivery of Lomon’s storytelling gently introduces us to the ‘Little Visitors’ laying eyes on an all too familiar planet, very close to home. 

With a building accompaniment of swirling synth pads and bombastic drums, à la Steven Drozd, we’re carried to the condemning message of the chorus, delivered with a higher energy, more melodic swathe of instrumentation. An earnest bassline cuts through the pads, the falsetto harmonies, and explosive snare hits to sit alongside the strummed acoustic guitar, grounding the chorus seamlessly between its contrasting verses.

Lomon’s ability to jump back and forth between gentle and soothing delivery, to attention-grabbing dynamic peaks is mirrored all over the track. With lyrics as delicate and poetic as ‘…paint the skies with more toxic dyes, and draw more black ink from the depths…’ immediately followed by direct, accusatory statements like ‘…this f****d up work of art you made, has led your kind to death…’, Lomon displays his knowing of when to bark and when to bite; enhancing the track’s thought-provoking message with equally poignant delivery. 

Little Visitors’ displays an earnest want for change, through the medium of science fiction storytelling wrapped in chords and prose. Lomon presents himself as an able composer with an apt ear for combining textures and modern sounds, with a stylish and personal homage to retro-futuristic instrumentation. Using bass, guitar, synth and voice, we hear what could be considered Sean Lennon’s interpretation of chamber music.

Lomon offers us a genuine, yet playful science fiction fable, made for both thinking and singing along.

  • Releases: April 10th 2020
  • Overall rating: 8/10
  • Pairs well with: The Soft Bulletin – The Flaming Lips

About Lomon

“I want my songs to force people to confront the nature of existence.”

Lomon’s unique brand of existential sci-fi storytelling comes to us as a warning. Employing playful and candid wit, he works to provoke thought and self-awareness of our actions; a call to arms for us all to tackle climate change. 

Using the medium of music to portray this sense of hope for change, the Seattle-based musician and producer exudes his own sense of cosmic wonder and shares it with us listeners. 

Drawing noticeable influence from the likes of Pond, David Bowie, The Beatles, and more; Lomon dreams of exploring and uncovering the deep mysteries of the universe.
‘Little Visitors’, released April 10th 2020, is Lomon’s second single, and is available for listening now.

Stream ‘Little Visitors’ on Spotify:

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