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Two MG Members Receive Free MIDEM 2016 Tickets

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As part of our partnership with MIDEM, we gave two lucky Music Gateway members tickets worth £900 each! Aren’t we kind.

We caught up with the chosen members – Chris Smith & James Peach – to have a chat about their hopes for MIDEM, their current projects and how Music Gateway has helped them in their careers.

Congratulations on receiving the tickets! What are you hoping to achieve out of MIDEM?

James: I’d like to meet more labels and management companies face-to-face to discuss working directly with their artists. I feel collaborating with artists works better all round, as you’re not trying to second guess what it is the artist is after, plus working with them means you can produce something they’re a part of, can identify with and therefore perform better. I’m also looking forward to chatting with other songwriters, producers and artists. Networking is a great thing, even if you don’t have a specific agenda, you never quite know who you might meet and where things might lead.

Chris: I’m hoping to meet many new friends at Midem that will last for years to come. Managers who I can pitch songs to their Artists, Music Producers who I can collaborate with both locally and internationally/online, other songwriters for co-writes/collaborations. I also want to broaden my international network and also meet Record Labels and Publishers who can help my success as a songwriter/artist. A sync placement would also be fantastic (as you can see i’m very optimistic).

What do you think of Music Gateway?

Chris: Music Gateway has been an invaluable resource for my career so far as a songwriter and has taken me to the next level. It has allowed me to find and collaborate with very talented people who are at the top of their game, from producers who have had top 10 hits to a 2x Grammy award winning Producer, (Mahogany Beatz). Through that collaboration we’ve pitched our song to Sony ATV Publishing and Major Label Artists. These opportunities were out of my reach before signing up to Music Gateway, I recommend it 1000%. I’ve also had song pitching opportunities to Publishers like Disney Publishing and Interscope USA.

James: I’m not aware of many sites like Music Gateway.  Other sites I’ve come across are expensive and you often get briefs with little information. Music Gateway has a good cross section of styles, areas of expertise and levels of professionalism, something for everyone really. I also like the fact that the majority of industry projects give you enough time to create something from scratch, most briefs I get from other places want something Yesterday.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

James: I’m doing a lot of work to briefs right now, most are for high profile artists who I’m not allowed to name. I’m collaborating with a few other writers and speaking to a number of artists about working together. I’m also in the process of putting together a production team which will consist of other writers/top-liners and producers. By combining our talents we’ll be better placed to work with artists, collaborating with them and developing a unique style with them. It’d be good to involve management and PR so that we have a complete 360 set-up and be able to really work artists in all areas of the industry, but it’s all early days yet. MIDEM will be a great place for discussing these ideas with key people, plus I’ve just raised a project on Music Gateway to find like-minded people.

Chris: Through a collaboration with Osibisa Singer Gregg Kofi Brown, I’ve now got 2 songs featured on Billy Cobham’s Latest album ‘Drum n Voice Vol. 4’, produced by Nicolosi Productions. The album will be released on 23rd May 2016. Billy is a legendary Jazz Drummer who has worked with Miles Davis, Chaka Khan and many more greats.

It makes us all very happy here at MG HQ to hear that we’ve helped someone open new doors and progress with their careers. Best of luck with MIDEM James & Chris! We look forward to seeing your future projects and work through the site.

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