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Natasha TL Norman and Bryonii are two artists on the platform who bagged themselves a couple of places on the course which was posted as a project on the member’s area of the site. They also became Music Gateway’s ambassadors on the course as well as taking over our Instagram account for the day.

We decided it would be a great idea to chat with them about their experience in the industry and what they think about the platform. It was great to hear from Natasha that being an ambassador for us made her able to reach and connect with more artists at The Songwriting Academy. That’s what our members are able to do online with our global network.

Both Bryonii and Natasha attended The Songwriting Academy course through a Music Gateway partnership that saw members of the community go and expand their songwriting craft for free. This also added value to the tools and services we already offer as Bryonii points out:

“The idea of the MG being a global networking platform is even more appealing to me now, and my understanding of songwriting as a business has definitely expanded. I see the opportunities in a broader and more accessible light than I did previously.”

It’s great that by engaging with one type of opportunity, the myriad opportunities we have on the site have become even more accessible to her, which is what the projects system is designed to do. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise but these two talented artists aren’t resting on their laurels as Natasha tells us:

“I am working on developing my production skills further to support my songwriting and am looking at doing more collaborations. The genre I am really interested in is Soca music as I have grown up listening to it and the style I naturally create (production wise) is Soca.

“As for songwriting, I would like to write for more artists in Pop, RnB, Soca etc and maybe even write for adverts or film. I think the opportunities available via Music Gateway will allow me to do this.”

Natasha’s really shows how are members are always looking to push the envelope. It would seem her Instagram partner is no exception. Bryonii tells us:

“I’m currently writing and recording a trip hop album with Steven Rutter (B12) on Firescope Records, which I’m super excited about. We’re also doing live shows together and building quite a strong repertoire. I’m really grateful to be collaborating with such a talented and established producer.
I’m also keen to develop my personal skills as a top line writer, and MG allows me to store a catalogue of my work combining several producers and genres, without diluting my brand as an artist. It’s important for me that I have multiple avenues to develop musically, and MG feels like a very safe and professional space for me to do that.”

If you have the same passion as Bryonii and Nathasha, you should sign-up for same course which returns to London on September 17th, bag a spot by clicking here.

If you want to use our platform to advance your career like Bryonii and Natasha have, get a free 14-day trial by clicking the button below.

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