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It’s that time of week again, where we catch you up on what’s been happening this week, the best projects and our favourite blogs that we don’t want you to miss!

Projects you might like…

Free Pro Subscription Offer for Online Mastering Service

LANDR is a bit of an undiscovered Gem on the Internet. Online FREE mastering. Don’t believe what you’re hearing? Go check it out for yourself

Looking for a producer to collaborate

This is from a new artist that’s just signed up, with gorgeous jazzy-soul, she’s looking to collaborate with a producer on some new material.

Latin Dance Remix of a Forthcoming Single in Spanish (Tengo Libertad)

If you like your Spanish / Latin music, this is a great remix opportunity from Tally Koren!

Highlights from the week

LANDR are offering up Subscriptions to their Online Mastering Service

Soonvibes a New Way to test your music potential!

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