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There’s no doubt the industry is changing, but one of the lesser talked about changes is the over saturation of musicians and number of people trying to get into the industry; a glut of inexperienced rock-stars in training that are looking for all kinds of tuition. Not surprisingly, people are now more than ever turning to teaching their instrument of choice and using their skills to provide an income. is the perfect place to take your honed skills and turn them into another source of income. They provide comprehensive packages of classes and structured learning to give you the tools to be a self-sufficient teacher, and manage all your own students and schedules.

Simon Devlin, ‘Become A Music Teacher’ Founder and CEO says: ‘this isn’t just a website database for tutors, it will give you everything you will require to make money from your musical skills’. Devlin also adds that teachers can teach all levels and tastes. Qualifications are not mandatory, though they help of course, and using the lessons and lesson plans provided its simple to structure and plan your teaching. One of the most important skills to being a good teacher is having patience and strong social skills.


As a special offer to Music Gateway readers, ‘Become A Music Teacher’ will give you a 50% reduction off your joining fee if you apply before January 31st 2015. Please use the drop down box and select ‘other’ then enter the code reference hny15 to enable this. There is then a small weekly charge, which starts from just £9.

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