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Find out about the artist selected in HIP Video Promo’s opportunity.

Author Mary Woodcock  |  19 December 2016

Romanian band Vama, have received $5k worth of video promotion, find out about the band here and see the video that was selected.

Freddie from 20/20 vision, on what he wants from a topline writer and Mysterious Band Ashtar Cassini

Author Mary Woodcock  |  07 November 2016

We spoke to Federick Sullivan (Freddie) about who 20/20 vision are, what they do, and why they’re using Music Gateway in the search for a topline writer.

Gav Duffy Talks Songwriting Tips and Sync

Author Mary Woodcock  |  04 November 2016

Gav Duffy talks about his experience, tips and advice for aspiring songwriters, and how Music Gateway helps him to connect with artists.

Experimental Label Signs Member from platform and talks stepping out of the box

Author Mary Woodcock  |  29 September 2016

Marian Lohnicky’s official career began in 2004, when he started playing music to live audience in bars, clubs, at company events or so, mainly commercial stuff, but after hundreds of gigs, this...

Songwriter Donna Karein and Her Branch into New Industry Territories

Author Mary Woodcock  |  28 September 2016

Donna Karein has been an avid lover of music for as long as she can remember. However, in recent years, the talented writer has been able to apply the knowledge gained from a passionate music...

Shelli-I Finds Record Deal Through Platform

Author Mary Woodcock  |  28 September 2016

We were glad to have recently caught up with Shelli-i who is a project of an alternative rock singer-songwriter. She was recently signed to a label in Germany (Motor). Her music is a blend of...

Elizmi Discusses Ways to Find the Right Producer to Work With

Author Mary Woodcock  |  21 September 2016

Elizmi is an 18 year old singer and songwriter who specialises in northern soul, soul and R&B sets. We caught up with the creative to talk about the advantages of using the site to connect...

JogTunes Finds Podcast Music Through Music Gateway Platform

Author Mary Woodcock  |  15 September 2016

We caught up with Robert Marcus a while back, After recently completing a project through the site, we were glad to catch up with him to see just how it went. Marcus also explained the increasing...

Songwriter/Composer Gav Duffy Explains How Site Has Helped Fill The Gap in the Market

Author Mary Woodcock  |  15 September 2016

Gav Duffy has been working in the industry for over 10 years. With his rich experience (having secured a sync deal for Coca-Cola in the past) and passion, dating all the way back from him being a...

Josh Allegro Shares How Digital Technology is Helping Artists Proactively Pursue Work in Music

Author Mary Woodcock  |  15 September 2016

Other than being a brilliant business owner and DJ, Josh Allegro (AKA Josh Justice) is also an avid Music Gateway user. After connecting with an Artist from Uganda on the site to complete his...

Jason Valentine Releases New EP Through Connections Made on Music Gateway

Author Mary Woodcock  |  15 September 2016

Jason Valentine has learnt to produce sounds through his own unique techniques and process. We were glad to catch up with the musician as we discussed how the platform has helped him pursue a...

We Discuss How Rushin’s Goals Were Quickly Met Through A Publishing Deal On The Site

Author Mary Woodcock  |  15 September 2016

Rushin Mohamed also known as Addin Moflava is an aspiring Hip Hop/Rap artist with 5 years’ experience in the music industry both internationally as well as locally. We caught up with him to...

Jonny White Continues to Land Himself Collaboration Opportunities

Author Mary Woodcock  |  15 September 2016

Brighton-based songwriter, producer, vocalist and music composer Jonny White has had previous music composition clients that include Channel 4 and Dirt and Glory Media. We discussed with White on...

Paul Baggott’s Skills Continue to Increasingly Get Noticed

Author Mary Woodcock  |  14 September 2016

With over 40 years of experience in the music industry, Paul Baggott’s passion has overflowed into the exceptional skills seen through the work he provides for his client. With his work...

Liz Cirelli’s Unique Blend in Genres Opens Her Up to Bigger Connections Through Platforrm

Author Mary Woodcock  |  14 September 2016

Liz Cirelli is brilliant in her skills of music production, Djing and is also an avid Music Gateway user. With her unique blend of classical and electronic music, we were able to discuss with Liz...

Peter Olsen Explains The Strength Of the Music Industry

Author Mary Woodcock  |  09 September 2016

Music Therapist and composer Peter Olsen has had a long career within the Music Industry. We were pleased to catch up with him as we discussed his career, his opinions on the site and how to...

Successfully Approach Major A&R Representatives the Right Way – Catch Up with Natalie Tuvey

Author Mary Woodcock  |  08 September 2016

Natalie Tuvey is a talented singer/songwriter from London, with exceptional experience working with major labels. The singer has developed great wisdom over the years on the best approach to...

Multi-talented and Established Artist Tyler Shamy Gives Advice on Sync Opportunities

Author Mary Woodcock  |  08 September 2016

Tyler Shamy wears multiple hats and he wears them good. This multi-talented and established artist has written songs for some but pretty much all of the biggest names in the Music Industry.

Musician Romain Olivieri Explains How The Internet Has Opened Doors for Musical Collaboration

Author Mary Woodcock  |  02 September 2016

The countless genres we have on the platform never cease to amaze us. For this reason, we’re glad our members can find other individuals (some from across the globe) to connect with. Recently we...

Supersonic Media Connects with Music Companies and Musicians through Platform

Author Mary Woodcock  |  24 August 2016

Supersonic Media, a multi-genre Independent Record Label is a growing establishment making big moves in the Music Industry. Having worked with the likes of Atomic Kitten and Icelandic Tenor in the...